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The Need

Image by Hermes Rivera
Image by Tim Mossholder

Every day, India generates more than 1.35 lakh tonnes of waste. More than 40% of this is organic waste and easily be upcycled into nutrient rich compost. Instead, we dump it into landfills causing irreversible land, water and air pollution. In addition, the vast amounts of waste we generate are also making us run out of landfill space.

The Solution

The Solution

Ekobarn’s composting solutions enable commercial / residential communities to convert their organic waste into usable manure that can be used within the complex or can be sold commercially. Our solutions are low cost, low maintenance and environment friendly that can easily be installed anywhere and can be tailor made according to the requirements of the communities we serve.

Ekobarn’s home composting kits allow composting in an individual household level while our bulk composting solutions can handle 100-2000 kg/ day of organic waste produced. Ekobarn will handle the design, installation and paid periodic maintenance of the composters. For large properties we are happy to provide rebates for in-house management as well.

For more information, write to us at You can also reach us at +919004217100.

Technicalities of Bulk Composting

Service Location:

Serving Pan India. Worldwide support available

Industries Served: Residential, Hospitality, Corporate and Industrial

Waste handling capacity:

100 kg/day to

2500 kg/day

Additives required daily:

Bespoke Bio-culture with saw dust or dry leaves



Energy efficient with minimal units consumed  per tonne of waste

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