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Monsoon Magic: Mastering Composting in the Rainy Season

Updated: Feb 17

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Here in Mumbai, the monsoons bring fresh air and lush greenery, but they can also pose a challenge for our beloved compost bins. Don't worry, eco-warriors! With a few tweaks, you can keep your Ekobin thriving even when the heavens open up.

Conquering Moisture Mountain:

  • Shield your bin: Rain is the enemy! Craft a waterproof cover that shields your Ekobin from downpours, but remember, it needs to breathe. Think mesh or breathable fabric.

  • Embrace the browns: Add more "browns" like dry leaves, shredded paper, or cardboard (minus the plastic!) to soak up excess moisture. Stockpile these drier materials before the monsoon hits.

  • Drainage is key: Ensure the drainage holes at the bottom and sides of your bin are clear. Let excess water escape instead of turning your compost into a soggy mess.

  • Start fresh: If possible, harvest your compost before the monsoon. This frees up space to handle wetter waste and allows it to mature longer without worrying about drying.

Pre-Monsoon Prep:

  • Harness the pre-monsoon showers: Use these early rains to test your setup and make adjustments before the big storm arrives.

  • Stock up on browns: As mentioned before, dry leaves and absorbent materials are your monsoon composting allies. Gather them beforehand to avoid scrambling during the rain.

  • Recycle those cartons: Shred cardboard boxes (minus the plastic lining) and toss them in! They'll act as brown material and help decompose those Amazon treasures.

Oops, Rain Got In!

Don't panic! Simply empty your bin, spread the compost in a thin layer in a dry, covered area for a few days, and then return it to your Ekobin. Problem solved!

Bonus Tip: Enjoy the view! While your compost thrives, kick back with a hot chai or filter coffee and witness the beauty of the monsoon. Remember, you're contributing to a greener planet, one raindrop at a time.

Happy composting, happy monsoons!

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